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Season 2 - EPISODES

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Exploring The Human Journey Podcast


We are David and Gayle Marsh and we are Exploring The Human Journey. We used to think that we were just human beings with a single life-time to live, pay some bills, eventually die and then be subject to eternal reward or eternal punishment. But through study, research and personal journey we have discovered an even better narrative that we are actually spiritual beings here having a human experience. This gives us the ability to actually enjoy life and see everything as an experience rather than a test. We are here to connect, to live, to love and enjoy the ride!  Exploring the human journey is a show about discovery. We talk with people and hear their experiences as they travel their path in this life.  Each guest is someone who has a unique perspective and has something to say about life, death and the spiritual world. They are doing the same thing you are ... exploring life! You are an individual expression of the divine living life as only you can do it.  If you have ever had questions about life, death or the spiritual world, then you are going to love Exploring The Human Journey. This is a place where we can ask questions and explore together just what this whole thing is about. There's nothing you need to have, there's nothing you need to do, there's nothing you need to be except you!
Join us each week and Explore your own human journey!

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Exploring the Human Journey is a production company that is purpose driven and passionate about spiritual consciousness evolving. We are committed to bringing awareness to people that raise consciousness through media exposure. It is our mission to bring quality programming that invites the audience to release fear and live an extraordinary life!


Our guests have reaped the benefits from the marketing that the show provides as we create a forever episode for you to connect and share with your audience.  If you are interested, please fill out the following form.