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Journeys Into The Soul
- The Answers Are Within -

Journeys Into The Soul is a Documentary-series with 30 minute episodes that feature real people having hypnosis sessions with skilled facilitators to discover their purpose, passion and personal power while in deep states of relaxation. Watch as people discover past-lives, experience life-between-lives and see themselves in other situations to gain clarity and healing in their lives.

For more information, click on the button and we will email you updates on when the series will air and what platform you will be able to find it on. You can also request more information on how to contribute to the project as a participant or a potential media partner. 

Watch Episode 1

Watch Episode 2

Meet the Producer


David J. Marsh is a life long seeker and a documentary filmmaker. His journey brought him to learning about hypnotherapy and how powerful of a tool it is for finding the answers within.


David started exploring his personal path which led him to create

Exploring The Human Journey, a web series

with conversations about Life, Death, and the

Spiritual World.

To further understand the hypnotherapy modality, he became a certified practitioner and conducts sessions with people. To find out more you can go to:

 Soul Journey with Dave.

He has also produced an award winning documentary film called Adapting To Dive which can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video and The Roku Channel.

His other documentary projects include Healing from the Inside Out and SoulBlaze your Life - Conversations with Master Teachers. His production site is

A sneak peek into the production of Journeys Into The Soul

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