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GUESTS - Season 2


A modern elder. Helen Samuels is among a rare group of innovative and courageous social entrepreneurs who are changing the way the world views solutions to our environmental and social challenges. With dogged determination, compassionate action and hands-on grassroots organizing, Helen, an ASHOKA Fellow, has spent more than 30 years and visited over 25 countries inspiring and supporting youth with projects mainly in Mexico and the United States. Devoted particularly to fostering self-generated solutions to the poverty and social devastation in and around urban settlements and rural areas. Her passion particularly extends to the “4th SECTOR” -the massive and fastest growing social sector of urban youth worldwide who are struggling with the day to day survival facing the challenges of POST – Development. 

A Modern Elder


In 1998 when she owned a day spa with 10 employees and a few satellite locations.  Business was slow, She worked 80+ hours a week and I hadn't paid herself for over two years when Feng Shui came to the rescue.  Her businesses doubled within 30 days of having a professional consultation.  She was AMAZED and fascinated  with this new wisdom that came into her life.   She started sharing this wisdom with anyone who was open to receive it and they starting having positive results too.  She learned all she could, pro-bono for over 2 years to confirm all she learned, became certified in Feng Shui and Resonance Repatterning, sold her business and starting helping others Shift their Ener'Chi and manifest their dreams into reality.  


Happy Energy Coach


Thanks to her “Spirit Guide Angels” Linda Deir lived to tell her story.From early childhood, Linda experienced something most of us missed – she realized she was being “guided.” Now, after a lifetime of being guided, in her book, GUIDED, she shares what she learned, and most importantly, how she learned it. Linda knows firsthand how to soar beyond the fears when you have the support of your spirit guides and angels. She survived 16 years of child abuse, to her escape as a teenager, and into phenomenal success as a businesswoman in a man’s world by age 19 and beyond. All possible from the constant support and guidance she received from her spirit guides and angels.

Author - Medium - Transition Coach - Trainer


​Viviane Chauvet is a biological Arcturian/Human Hybrid who was born with genetic differences reflecting the quality of her star origins.  A hybrid consists of a genetic blending of a Star Being Father and a Human Mother.  Viviane is also a blended channel for the 7th Dimensional Arcturian collective Consciousness, Council, and Celestial Beings.

Her inspirational life story has touched the heart and soul of thousands of people worldwide. Today, Viviane has a spiritual and healing practice dedicated to assist You to heal the indoctrination from other star civilizations, restore past timelines, release stored programs and belief systems, reintegrate soul fractals back together, and empower you to re-ascend to your Infinite Divine Expression.  

A Conscious Blended Arcturina Channel


Since she was very little her parents discovered that her learning abilities were astonishing but that was not all. Later they also discovered that she could see and hear things that no one else could. All this seemed to be tied up with the aftermath of a near-death experience (NDE) where she drowned at the age of two. Not long after, she started to communicate with Beings of Light who have guided her through a journey of miracles, not just around the world but also through the barriers of time. With them she has been able to access past life experiences of herself and others, and future events.

As she grew up and remembered her drowning, She could never get away from the question, “How could I have seen my body lifeless if I was still alive?” This experience made it clear to her that there was an existence beyond the body. Before she was quite three, she was gifted with knowing that she had existed for a very long time. In fact, she would come and go in different realms many more times.

Author of A Brightly Guided Life


Nina works as a conscious movement facilitator, alchemist, and distributor of healthy living devices. These occupations are her expression of a lifelong interest in consciousness and the human body/soul synergy.  Movement, breath, adequate hydration, and a healthy soul and are cornerstones of a solid foundation for building a sustainable, authentic lifestyle. 

She loves people in all the ways they show up. She loves nature's unconditional allowance and beauty, and cutting edge technology that is in harmony with nature. These are the things that support her life and inspire her to discover more. She is honored to share and teach what she has gathered, with her offerings of Sunday DanceAlchemy, and Good Water Goods.  

Certified Conscious Movemant Facilitor and More


For the last 25 years Kamini has created unique body of teachings combining the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern psychology.

Trained at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health with degrees in Anthropology and Psychology from Smith College and La Salle University, and as daughter of one of the original yoga masters who pioneered yoga in the West, Kamini has served as Director of Wellness at Yarrow, an executive retreat center in Michigan, and on faculty of the Foxhollow Leadership Center. 

Yoga Nidra Instructor, Author, Anthropologist, Psychologist, International University of Yoga and Ayurveda


After struggling with a chronic health condition that encompassed Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, bacterial infections, depression, pain and food sensitivities, Caitlin found herself receiving incredible benefit from Kambo. Caitlin used Kambo in conjunction with other modalities to gain traction in her own healing journey. Based on the huge personal impact this medicine had on her and others around her, Caitlin felt deeply called to be in service to Kambo and all of it’s healing potential.

Caitlin is a certified IAKP Kambo practitioner by the International Association of Kambo Practitioners. Caitlin truly feels a sense of being “chosen” by the frog to act as a hollow vessel for it to do it’s work. This medicine often has it’s own agenda, choosing it’s practitioners and dragging them along for the crazy ride!

Kambo Facilitator


We met with Christine in 2008 and worked with her on one of Dave's music projects.  After running into her in December 2017, we found that our paths have run a parallel course.  Christine's family came from Kenya and grew up in the United States.  As she has grown up, she has discovered that there is a better narrative for her life.  She is now living her dream to be a model, actress and a humanitarian.  Her passion project is to bring Zen birthing to her native land, Kenya.  She wants to share a new way of giving birth with NO pain using hypnosis.  She believes and has experienced giving birth to a child with no pain and she wants to share that with her home country.  Introducing these techniques will help to increase birth survival rates and will lower the traumatization of the birthing process to the mother and child.

Model, Actress and Humanitarian


International speaker, Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine and Quantum Field visionary, Dr. Sue utilizes the embodiment of high frequency energy patterns to activate full human potential. Through her seminars, retreats and presentations she illuminates the relationships of quantum thoughts and energy medicine; the elevation of human consciousness and life mastery.

Dr. Sue’s visionary model and techniques ignite an entirely new approach to living in creative genius and personal freedom through capturing and enhancing high-frequency energy patterns in the body. She draws from her experience as a doctor for over 30 years, inspiration from a life-changing awakening during meditation, and her personal passion for cracking the code of life itself. Her greatest joy is sharing her discoveries with others.

Energy Healer, International Speaker, Author


Zach Rehder is an international teacher, speaker and healer. Through a series of awakenings, he became a channel for messages and energies that heal, unlock and awaken human potential. His work enables individuals to dissolve barriers and free themselves from negativity, limitation and lack.
Zach travels to facilitate seminars and workshops and regularly hosts teleclasses and online programs. He provides remote and in-person private sessions for clients from around the globe. His clients include leaders in the personal development industry, from best-selling authors to stars of the movie The Secret. Many clients have experienced amazing, inexplicable healings and awakenings through Zach’s programs and sessions.
Zach’s mission is to support others in their awakening process. He assists people in removing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles so that they can clearly see, hear and follow their own Divine guidance with grace and ease and fully embody who they came here to be.

Intuitive Healer & Guide


Creator of the Seeing Machine, Mareesa Stertz, is a director, dp, and producer who has worked in the industry for over 12 years.  Her passion for film began with a Betamax camcorder at the ripe age of six, led to a degree in Cinema at San Francisco State University, and has taken her shooting all around the world.  Her primary work is shooting and hosting documentary and travel shows, as well as photography and music videos.  Her greatest passion is docu-series she's created called 'The Healing Powers' about how entheogenic plant medicine are helping heal physical, psychological, and mental traumas and issues.
Mareesa’s work has been featured by Viceland, Merry Jane, CBS, IFC, SPIN, INDIE NATION, 60SecDocs and has been shown in numerous film festivals around the world.  Clients include Participant Media, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, TEDX, Nylon, Ableton Live, New York Film Academy, and more.  

Filmaker, Host


Quicksilver began producing the Conscious Life Expo beginning in 2002. Prior to producing the Expo, Quicksilver was founder and director of Star Magic, a national chain of "new age" gift stores. He has been involved in alternative healing and metaphysics since the early 70s, and often exhibited at the old Whole Life Expos

Producer of Conscious Life Expo


​Lisa Haisha, M.A., is a Keynote speaker, TV Host, Author, and Global Influencer.  "Lisa's continued fascination with what makes people tick compelled her to travel for three decades to over 60 countries on seven continents, compiling social and cultural research by studying the likes of the Sufis in Cappadocia, Shamans in Peru, Bedouins in Petra, the Massai Tribes of Tanzania (including interviewing hundreds of orphans for her book Whispers From Children’s Hearts) about how “Who they’d want to meet and why?, If they had one wish what would it be? And what they want their legacy to be. She also has been a speaker at many events throughout the United States, Europe and the Middle East, teaching sales, communication, and how to create a winning mindset.

Keynote Speaker, Life & Business Mentor, TV Host


David Young is a musician who plays two renaissance flutes at one time in harmony. He has recorded 60 albums and sold over 1,000,000 copies. He is a healer, channeler, author and abstract artist. It is said that more people have had out of body experiences while listening to his music than other musician alive today.

David is on tour throughout the country for 40 weeks out of the year, presenting his healing workshops, A Portal Between Heaven and Earth. More than 6,500 people have shared their experiences with the Ascended Masters, Archangels and/or loved ones on the heavenly side. David’s ability to open the channels to the ethereal realms is a direct result of his personal connection to the ascended masters combined with the extraordinary reach of the sound frequencies of his music.

Musician, Artist & Author


In the winter of 1993/94 David experienced what he came to call a spiritual acceleration where he was in a state of bliss 24 hours a day for nearly 3 months...when you ask questions in that state answers just come...He was given many things to understand at that time by the universe...of which 3 of the most profound were & remain: infinite love, absolute truth, & immortal life...

The key to all three is that we are all infinite, immortal, children of the light...the universe / divine consciousness/ god(dess) is infinite love only what is infinite is real, if it isn't infinite it isn't real
we are more than these bodies the aspect of us that is infinite is the part that is realwhen one identifys with the physical mortal self more than the infinte self 
absolute truth appears obscure
yet it is absolute truth that makes the physical universe possible
David self-published 12 books and 3 movies in the past 3 years...

Artist & Author


Stephanie fully stepped out of the spiritual closet to all of her friends and family, She also stepped out of her own living hell. What she learned is that the more we deny our true purpose, we create very uncomfortable circumstances that will ultimately steer us toward it. She willed herself to connect, She intended to connect, and through that intention, it happened. It happened on October 10, 2010 (10-10-10) to be exact. That was the day she first voice channeled an energy called Archangel Zadkiel, or the Violet Light Stream spectrum as she refer to it now. After that there was no turning back after that. 



Master Rob Moses is a kung fu alchemist. In 1977 he began his formal training under Grand Master Kam Yuen at the Tai Mantis Academy, where he received his degree in northern Shaolin/Tai Chi Praying Mantis.

In 1983, Moses began training actor David Carradine, of TV’s Kung Fu fame. Moses helped David prepare for his role in the Chuck Norris film, Lone Wolf McQuade. In Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Moses performed the role of Master Khan, the weapons expert and sergeant at arms. Moses would later prepare David for his role in the film Kill Bill.

In 2002 the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame honored Moses with its Founder of the Year Award for his development of Tai Shan Nine Palms. He received an International Soke Award as the founder of Tai Shan Mantis, a complete martial system that incorporates traditional and neoclassical kung fu.

Moses then began to explore the relations between sacred geometry and the human form. Through years of experimentation, he perfected his theory, extracted from a Fibonacci Spiral, manifested as the “perfect human gear”. The extent of his discovery is revealed in the book The Divine Code of Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Einstein and You. This led to the development of the PhysioStix, a patented apparatus that helps enhance workouts using geometry, alignment and balance.

Kung Fu alchemist, Inventor of Physiostix


Dannion Brinkley is the author of the New York Times and international bestsellers Saved by the Light and At Peace in the Light. His books, tours, and lectures, with his wife, Kathryn, have transformed the consciousness of people across the world. Their nonprofit organization, The Twilight Brigade/Compassion in Action, trains volunteers to be at the bedside of our nation's veterans. It was nominated for the Heart of Hospice award in 2008. Dannion and Kathryn share their lives with six children between their homes in Nevada and South Carolina.

Author & Near Death Experiencer


I learned at a very young age how to sense others as a means of survival, not knowing what kind of mood my mother was in and if I was going to encounter conflict.
     My Teens was a lot of hiding from myself.  I didn’t want anyone to know who I was. I dabbled in cocaine and of course alcohol.  These challenges were no different as an adult.  I had many lessons like anyone else, I had to overcome my addictions which I believed were the problem.  They were not, they were just symptoms of the fact I was hiding from myself.  Throughout my life of being abused, I realized these were the triggers that kept me from my authentic self.  At one point in my life I had moved to San Diego with a boyfriend, I ended up breaking up with him, this was the first time I was homeless.  I eventually got a place but met all the wrong people, got involved in meth, became homeless two more times, held at gun point by the DEA, and lived on the streets.  I, for some reason was spared even after two suicide attempts homelessness all the drugs and alcohol.   I survived!  All the while I held onto my faith, not religion but faith. I had this feeling that I was going to be OK.  While there I began to write what would eventually become my first poetry book "My Naked Soul".  What I didn’t realize then was that they were messages for me from Spirit, guiding me.  I was spared to share my gifts and today  I embrace it as best as I possibly can.

Author & Healer


DR. MARGA MACIAS is a 2-time #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker and Expert Advisor to doctors, CEOs, business owners, moms and dads with indomitable spirits.


Dr. Marga has helped 150,000 patients and counting, and has saved the lives of more than five thousand children and adults while working in hospitals, intensive care units and clinics.

Author, Speaker & Coach


A renaissance-man with a passion for discovery, Brooks A. Agnew, PhD has excited millions of people with the greatest story on the universe. His best-selling book, The Ark of Millions of Years, is changing the foundations of science and religion. He believes in the unlimited potential of mankind. Join him every Wednesday night at 9:00 PM CDT right here on X2-radio; the past times the future is now.
DR. BROOKS ALEXANDER AGNEW, PhD, an author, explorer, electronics engineer and physicist, is one of the most successful pioneers with ground probing radar technology, in the world. This technology is currently utilized in the Mars Express program.
Agnew holds a Bachelors in Chemistry. Masters in Statistics and a Doctorate in Physics.
Author of thousands of technical papers, booklets, and video documentaries Dr. Agnew has joined with veteran archaeologist EJ Clark to produce THE ARK OF MILLIONS OF YEARS, which Foreword Magazine and thousands of readers call one of the most comprehensive books ever written on Intelligent Design and The Greatest Story written on the creation of the Earth.

Talk Show Host, Author, Explorer, Physicist, Instructor


Laura Powers is a celebrity psychic who has been featured by Buzzfeed, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, Motherboard Magazine by Vice, and many other media outlets. She is currently in pre-production for a new television series about her work. She is a clairvoyant, psychic medium, writer, actress, model, producer, writer, singer and speaker who helps other receive guidance and communicate with loved ones.  Ever since she was a child, Laura has seen and sensed ghosts and spirits and she has learned how to manage those experiences, using this ability to connect with the angelic and other realms.  She now uses her experience communicating with angels, spirits, and other energy beings to help her clients better understand and change their lives.

Psychic, Author, Speaker & Teacher


Her innovative, fun, and educational style of sex and intimacy coaching is born out of her deep commitment to creating a more compassionate, loving and safe world. She skillfully guides individuals and couples to venture boldly into the unknown territory of sexual liberation to become their most radiant selves, in the bedroom and beyond.

Her inspiration to coach comes from her courage of transforming her personal history of sexual abuse, shame, and guilt into a liberating sexual awakening. Through her compassionate and dynamic process, her clients remove disempowering patterns and behaviors that keep them stuck. They get to experience self-love, confidence, and deep connections with others. Why does she devote herself to this revolutionary work? It's simple: She wants to give everyone a chance at the same freedom she found. With more than 12 years experience as a pioneering educator, She brings a unique blend of professional know-how, playful curiosity, authentic communication and personal vulnerability to my practice. She feels impassioned that all humans feel honored, seen, and heard regarding their sexuality. Her doctoral dissertation focused on men telling their authentic stories around sexuality and their genitals in the presence of men and women creating the possibility of a revolutionary healthy sexual masculinity, celebrating men’s wholeness and humanity.

Sex & Intimacy Coach/Educator


Jessica grew up in a neighborhood well acquainted with violence and a family considerably impacted by divorce, multi-generational trauma, substance abuse and interpersonal discord. The effects of these experiences were challenging for many years, but through the therapeutic process she was able to reclaim her strength, build resiliency, create relationships that she was nourished by and live from a heart that was open instead of fearfully protected. This journey began with investing her time and resources in workshops, retreats and therapy in order to heal herself, rewire hery reactivity, re-invent certain relationships, while letting go of others and comfortably stand in the ways she is different.  She is a psychotherapist and coach specializing in relationships in Non-Monogamy, Queer, Kink and POC.

Psychotherapy, Coaching & Meditation


Sarah Larsen, MD is a Medical Intuitive, Business Coach and Consultant to high impact entrepreneurs and visionaries, and Inspirational Speaker. Dr. Sarah is host of Miracle Makers on UBN Radio/TV at Sunset Gower Studios and is heard worldwide on iHeartRadio.

Dr. Sarah received a degree as Medical Doctor from the Medical University of The Americas and is an Ordained Interfaith Minister from All Paths Divinity School.  Born in Pakistan, her education as a healer began in rural villages with her grandmother. Her approach to intuitive healing is described as merging ancient wisdom, modern science, and spirituality for optimal living and completion of your soul’s journey!

As a transformational teacher and guide who inspires and empowers her clients in living purposefully and powerfully, her work transforms people’s lives very rapidly. She is a world-class speaker, entrepreneur, and visionary whose work unites the world of business with essential wisdom of mind-body-spirit.

She has been recognized by the County of Los Angeles at the 10thAnnual Honoring Men and Women in Uniform. She was awarded the American Riviera Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award, an award acknowledging unsung heroes and notable global community leaders and also received by Oprah Winfrey, Geena Davis, and Barbara De Angelis.  She won Psychic of the Year from Samira TV in 2015.

Medical Intuitive, Business Coach and Consultant


I grew up in a very spiritual household. My mother taught me from a very young age to write in a dream journal for 30 minutes every morning before starting my day, and that really was the beginning of my curiosity with exploring the subconscious and the messages dreams bring us. My true spiritual awakening was only a few years ago when I received my first Reiki treatment by a Reiki Master. It was this incredible life force that powered every inch of my body. I knew from that very moment I was meant for something greater. I immediately put myself into Reiki School so I could learn how to heal myself and to heal others. Meditating and Reiki go hand and hand, so I did countless meditation seminars in order to learn different techniques on how I wanted to perform my Reiki sessions. Finding my spiritual path completely changed my life and how I see the world.

Dream Interpreter


Steve Robertson. Since Steve Robertson's early childhood he had a profound fascination with how music has the ability to give him goose bumps and on occasion, bring tears to his eyes.  He was emotionally and spiritually lost.  He was asking "Why Am I Here?", "What is My Purpose?"  So he began asking the Universe and finally, one day he heard the answer.  A voice spoke loudly within him.  The voice spoke "MUSIC".   From there began the journey to establish  An organization committed to bringing music to sacred places around the Earth, helping to raise the vibration of our planet.

Project Peace on Earth


Lisa Thomas is a transformational leader, gifted healer and intuitive coach. She integrates business with her natural gifts to help her clients embrace all of life.

Working with talented people from all walks of life, to help them get their gifts and talents into the world in a more significant way; she believes everyone deserves to be seen, known and heard for who they are.

Lisa is devoted to reconnecting people to their Soul’s purpose, so they can experience more love, joy and financial abundance.

She has helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve their business and life goals by releasing Inherited Emotional DNA, such as fear of success, fear of failure, anxiety, procrastination, fear of public speaking, false money beliefs, relationship drama, and business stagnation.

She does this within her small-group programs, private coaching and Meditation Healing Activation products. She lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband and family.

She has been featured on Good Morning LaLa Land, Allie & You, Dare to Dream, Inspired Conversations, as well as other shows and podcasts. Her book, Mistakes Into Money, will be published in Summer 2019.

Energy Healing Expert


Joseph Campbell’s work has influenced every major turning point in Patrick's life, including his decision to become a director. He owes his good fortune to the concepts and ideas that he discovered in his books. The Hero with a Thousand Faces put him on a path years ago that led him here, to his present film Finding Joe. One day in 2009 he saw The Power of Myth again and though he love that program he felt he could better understand the material if there was more visuals to help describe the concepts. Like story re-enactments or simple visual icons that related more to modern living. That was the “aha” moment.

Filmmaker, Director and Producer

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